ELOR AZARIA – The Soldier Who Shot Hevron Terrorist

ELOR AZARIA – The soldier Who Shot Hevron Terrorist

Azaria’s attorney, Ilan Katz, said his client did not use excessive or unwarranted force, and therefore, the charges should be dismissed.

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Israeli soldier who shot Palestinian facing manslaughter

"The significance from our point of view is that, first of all, the prosecution has climbed down," Ilan Katz told army radio.
"I believe that in a short time that suspicion will also be dropped."
Under Israeli law, manslaughter signifies an intentional but not premeditated killing.


The soldier's attorney, Ilan Katz, said that "the prosecution requested nine days of remand, but the judge ruled to extend his remand for only two more days despite the inflated claims of the prosecution. The military court will not drag our client through a media lynching. The evidence will be gone over on Thursday, and we hope that by the weekend, he will no longer walk around in handcuffs in such a humiliating manner, especially after he risked his life for Israel."


Defense lawyer Ilan Katz argued that the autopsy of the terrorist could save the soldier from both murder and manslaughter charges if it shows that he was already fatally wounded and would have died from his earlier wounds.

In that case, he might only face charges for negligent homicide or for violating the rules of engagement.


The soldier’s lawyer Ilan Katz argued, “The murder suspicion is farfetched and there is no direct or indirect evidence to establish this suspicion.”
Katz further asserted that the soldier conducted himself “according to the rules of engagement that he received.”


Soldier suspended for shooting neutralized terrorist